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Kommunikoin myös toisella kotimaisella.


A few pieces from various assignments, both study and leisure.
Parental advisory.

COMPETITION  /  Muji tote bag submission

Submission for Muji "coffee" tote bag design competition.
A mock-up of course. Fall 2020.
Muji brush pen and Photoshop.

SUBMISSION  /  Shorts Story — Zineton 2020 participation

A short 16 page story cooked up during the 50 hour Zineton weekend marathon and sprinkled over seven spreads.
It was fun to pick your brains for a story, then script, draw and layout it in two days.
Download full PDF here » (it's a small file, 826kb — light!)

Visit the Zineton site for all submissions »

LAYOUT  /  Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden

12" vinyl, CD digipak and booklet layout.
Editing and compositing photos plus compiling the layout according to plan. 2016

VIDEO  /  Babylon Whores: Errata Stigmata

Promotional video for the song "Errata Stigmata" from the album King Fear.
Shot in 8mm film + digital video on a barefoot budget. 9/1999

Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

A photo series of Jim Rose escaping from a straitjacket. Helsinki, February 4th 1994.
Agfapan400, 50mm.


Misc. photos from early 90's and, yeah, mostly 90's. It's a nostalgia thing.

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